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12.9866852, 77.619342823 Nov 2020
The famous Ulsoor lake. The view from the spot on the seed.
13.133537488957245, 77.5638823159233828 Oct 2020
When all roads lead home
13.134272384672855, 77.5638533248431728 Oct 2020
A tree is a seed is a tree is a seed. Least I can do is be a seed of something nourturing
13.13462948167626, 77.564077237139728 Oct 2020
Mother tree. Stay as you are. I'll come back when I'm old. I miss all the old absences these days. These days since I have been born.
13.134360078513925, 77.5641137636659428 Oct 2020
Mother tree, bless us. Here we are
13.010949115911808, 77.6520644159451817 Oct 2020
Somewhere in the middle of two roads. Found whike cycling around. Had many mushrooms and decaying wood bark. The only empty plot in the vicinity because of a pending case in Karnataka High court. It said so in bold letters on the corner of the property
12.993145994081042, 77.6096074927629314 Oct 2020
A very strange and gated park. But still something.
13.399224180128748, 74.6973485963346208 Oct 2020
The grain of a curve that grew out of the earth. Now dead, weathered. Yet we can see an impression of its life. - seed 1
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