32.2492124, 76.330664725 Aug 2021
My window
32.0572812, 76.701279913 Feb 2021
Man made forests of Bir are winter homes for nomads of Barot valley. They travel around with their animals in search of pastures and live in makeshift tents for the period. The real wanderlusters. Children of the jungle!
13.027173017863, 77.66170171276407 Feb 2021
Late night, cool breeze, thinking about the conversations with a new friend I just met,in a reminiscing mental space.
19.2148126, 72.873746811 Jan 2021
View from Juhu jetty at night. Families couples sit on the elevated pathway (from where this pic was taken). On the other side, people clamber down the rocks closer to the tide to smoke. Men sit in circles in the dark and drink. On the rocks, literally.
32.0600581, 76.714598730 Dec 2020
The gaddi nomadic tribe of Himachal rearing sheep in Dharmalaya
30.3117301, -97.771617227 Dec 2020
Peacock park and Colorado river. Looking at the beautiful house across...
45.435209412028, 12.34712176374315 Dec 2020
Window seed
31.9571839, 76.650780413 Dec 2020
A river of clouds covers the valley in Bir, Himachal Pradesh, as seen from Gunehar village.
19.215187833126, 72.873991426806 Dec 2020
Tiny tuft of bamboo in a highly manicured gated society. Reminds me of Cubbon Park. Rumor has it one old dog used to hide there sometimes.
19.063423763856, 72.82241965204606 Dec 2020
Celtis tree (I'm not sure I used Google lens).
45.540441, 10.221528603 Dec 2020
Cactus under the Alps
12.9866852, 77.619342823 Nov 2020
The famous Ulsoor lake. The view from the spot on the seed.
13.13669, 77.447514722 Nov 2020
Shallow pond full of Lillies
13.1342424, 77.556321214 Nov 2020
Anthills remind us that there is water close-by.
13.1340522, 77.558868914 Nov 2020
An old friend. Watches over us on this street that marks the end of Bangalore town. Road leads to a cycling path inside a huge eaucalyptus plantation.
41.271672755586, -73.93091871533108 Nov 2020
Blue mountain trail!!
41.2598895, -73.908696507 Nov 2020
the first time I experienced the sound and pleasure of crushing autumn leaves under my feet.
41.2489275, -73.922571707 Nov 2020
beauty of autumn, warm sun and some good news!
22.6008818, 88.411688404 Nov 2020
A quiet park in saltlake
41.3772744, -72.966451731 Oct 2020
first snow....
41.3514294, -72.974492531 Oct 2020
water body....
32.0416366, 76.744976728 Oct 2020
Kangra valley
13.1347962, 77.552154828 Oct 2020
Open fields rounded up. Near Avalahalli eucalyptus plantation.
13.133537488957, 77.56388231592328 Oct 2020
When all roads lead home
13.134272384673, 77.56385332484328 Oct 2020
A tree is a seed is a tree is a seed. Least I can do is be a seed of something nourturing
13.134629481676, 77.5640772371428 Oct 2020
Mother tree. Stay as you are. I'll come back when I'm old. I miss all the old absences these days. These days since I have been born.
13.134360078514, 77.56411376366628 Oct 2020
Mother tree, bless us. Here we are
40.747058, -73.886638527 Oct 2020
look how letting go can be so beautiful. Appreciating the fall leaves during my lunch break stroll.
12.928656962536, 77.58010906024626 Oct 2020
Ecology is not just about nature but about learning how human activities can co-exist with nature. RV road is a long stretch between Sangam circle and lalbhag. The park on the either side of the road is a beautiful sight when you are taking the metro. The canopies of beautiful African tulips are a relief to the eyes. These trees were planted and nurtured by resident more than 50 years ago. A recent study shows that roadside trees reduces road generators by 6°C. Continuous citizen led protests made sure that metro didn't think over the whole park area. Now it's our legacy to continue protecting them.
28.6093537, 77.288160524 Oct 2020
23.13444, 79.913279524 Oct 2020
Artifical lake at a hill top ,
12.900854, 77.668906923 Oct 2020
A relaxing place with amazing weather.
28.136649937692, 77.32626058568723 Oct 2020
Fall on my terrace
32.255215839521, 76.35468359734823 Oct 2020
Triund, where the grass grows, the sun shines, and the cows go moooooo.
23.1363847, 79.91888821 Oct 2020
Bandar khoh , rampur reserved forest , Jabalpur
12.913474411172, 77.59830711677819 Oct 2020
Seed on walkin bridge
23.136521478637, 79.91890538544617 Oct 2020
Seed ? Seed . Just outside my house . I think the canopy maybe likes to shade the pole from sun . Maybe .
13.010949115912, 77.65206441594517 Oct 2020
Somewhere in the middle of two roads. Found whike cycling around. Had many mushrooms and decaying wood bark. The only empty plot in the vicinity because of a pending case in Karnataka High court. It said so in bold letters on the corner of the property
12.9134747, 77.598316617 Oct 2020
Walkin bridge
19.1249297, 72.908871216 Oct 2020
19.1248858, 72.908851416 Oct 2020
Growth 1
19.1248258, 72.910728816 Oct 2020
By the Powai Lake
12.993145994081, 77.60960749276314 Oct 2020
A very strange and gated park. But still something.
13.399224180129, 74.69734859633508 Oct 2020
The grain of a curve that grew out of the earth. Now dead, weathered. Yet we can see an impression of its life. - seed 1
28.4162012, 77.090969608 Oct 2020
hello world :)
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